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Sir Van Cus | TFN - Jvapes

For the simply satisfying taste of custard, look no further than our pure custard e-liquid. Not to be tainted with vanilla or other additions, we wanted to keep the clean flavor of complementary custard in its sweet glory. This simply custard e-liquid is not only creamy and smooth, its a remarkable flavor that is bold enough to be enjoyed on its own, or paired with a morning bagel.

Made with TFN- Tobacco Free Nicotine

This product contains nicotine but does not contain tobacco or anything derived from tobacco. This product is not intended for use with any tobacco product or component or part of a tobacco product. This product is not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.


Nicotine Strengths Available:

0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Blends Available: (VG/PG):

70/30 or 50/50

Bottle Sizes Available:

30mL, 60mL, 120mL (2 X 60ml's)

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Additional Info

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