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Abbey Lane | Berries and Cream Vape

A well-balanced berries and cream vape, Abbey Lane is rich and creamy enhanced by the subtle sweetness of ripe berries. Our delectable berries and cream vape is reminiscent of a bowl of blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries layered with a rich heavy cream and topped off with a spoonful of sugar. Abbey Lane is a perfect pick for early mornings, sunny days, and afternoon strolls.

Made with TFN- Tobacco Free Nicotine

This product contains nicotine but does not contain tobacco or anything derived from tobacco. This product is not intended for use with any tobacco product or component or part of a tobacco product. This product is not intended for the treatment or prevention of any disease or condition. 


Vape Flavor Profile:

Sweet, ripened berries paired with rich cream.

Primary Flavors & Notes:

Ripe berries, subtle sweetness

Undertones & Highlights:

Rich cream & vanilla



Abbey Lane, our berries and cream vape, is subtly sweet, faintly tart, and creamy making it a solid vape for any who prefer flavors that are slightly more subdued for their all-day-vape.  Because the taste is not overpowering, Abbey Lane is easily a long-time, long-lasting favorite of ours.



Nicotine Strengths Available:

0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Blends Available: (VG/PG):


Bottle Sizes Available:

30mL, 60mL, 120mL (2 X 60ml's)


A fresh bottle of Abbey Lane has a faint yellow tinge which deepens over time and after steeping.


Our e-liquid is freshly made to order. We understand that steeped e-liquid may be preferred, however we do not offer steeping at our labs as an option.  Since some do and some do not like their e-liquid steeped, we recommend that you steep your e-liquid to your desired preference once your bottle has arrived for the most individually preferred results.  You can find nicotine batch numbers located on the bottom of each bottle.   For best results, recommended use is within 1 year of the creation date.


Highlighted Review:

"You can never go wrong with this juice. I've been vaping it for years. It's got a great berries and creme flavor. Not too strong though so you can vape it all day long and not get tired of it." - Mark DeLong

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