Pop Cones Flavored Pre-Rolls 1 1/4

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Cones with Flavor Burst Pop | Pop Cones

These new pre-rolled, flavored cones are revolutionary.  Pop Cones have a special pearl in the filter that, when popped create, a burst of flavor met with a cloud of smoke. If you would like an unflavored smoke, simply leave the pearl intact. These Pop Cones are 1 ¼ inch wide with a filter length of 26mm. Pop Cones are made from an unbleached brown paper and burn evenly and slowly.


  • Type: Unbleached Brown Cone
  • Size: 1 1/4" 
  • Filter Length: 26mm
  • Total Length: 84mm

How It Works

Step 1

Load your cone

Step 2

Twist to seal cone

Step 3

Pop the filter to release flavor, light and enjoy




Additional Info

Additional Info