Pre-Rolled Cones 8-Pack | Beautiful Burns

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Pre-Rolled Cones 8-Pack | Beautiful Burns

Beautiful Burns rolling papers redefine the art of smoking with a vibrant array of colors, elevating the otherwise mundane choice between white and brown rolling papers. Crafted from natural, unbleached paper derived from eco-friendly palm pulp, these pre-rolls offer a guilt-free smoking experience.

What sets Beautiful Burns apart is the ingenious use of edible, tasteless, plant-based oils blended with natural pigments to create mesmerizing designs on each paper. Not only visually appealing, but they also ensure an even and slow burn, making every puff enjoyable and satisfying.

Give your customers the freedom to showcase their personal style and vibe by offering them Beautiful Burns rolling papers. Each pack contains 8 pre-rolled cones, providing convenience and variety to the discerning smoker. Embrace the blend of sustainability and aesthetics with Beautiful Burns rolling papers!


  • Ultra Thin
  • Slow Burning
  • Plant Based Colors
  • Eco Friendly
  • Unique Style


  • 8- Beautiful Burns Pre-Rolled Cones
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