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MouthPeace Mini Starter Kit 2-Pack | Moose Labs

Introducing the MouthPeace Mini Starter Kit by Moose Labs, the ultimate solution for a safer and more enjoyable smoking experience. Crafted from high-quality reusable silicone, these mouthpieces effectively filter out harmful particles from smoke, allowing you to savor the full flavor and atmosphere while minimizing damage to your lungs.

The new and improved MouthPeace Mini is incredibly user-friendly, featuring two different sized openings tailored for pre-rolls (smaller end) and vaporizers (wider end). With its innovative triple-layer activated carbon filter, the MouthPeace efficiently eliminates resins, toxins, and tars from smoke, all while preserving the rich flavors and ensuring optimal airflow.

In alignment with our commitment to sustainability, these filters are made from biodegradable and recycled materials, making them eco-friendly. Plus, they are easily replaceable, ensuring a long-lasting solution. The starter kit includes two mini mouthpieces, a convenient plastic travel tube, and six replaceable filters, all packaged in a vibrant array of colors for added personalization.

Upgrade your smoking ritual with the MouthPeace Mini Starter Kit by Moose Labs, and indulge in a cleaner, more satisfying experience without compromising on taste or quality.

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  • Two Different Insert Sizes
  • Removes Resins, Toxins, and Tars
  • Enhances Flavor


  • 2- MouthPeace Mini Silicone Pieces
  • 6- MouthPeace Mini Replacement Filters

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Additional Info