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EZii Mini Wax Dab Pen Starter Kit | Dazzleaf

The EZii Mini Wax Dab Pen Starter Kit by Dazzleaf is the ultimate solution for wax and dab enthusiasts seeking portability and convenience. This sleek kit combines two exceptional components: the EZii Mini Wax/Dab Tank and the VV 510 Preheat Battery, both crafted by DazzLeaf, a leading brand in the industry. Experience the perfect balance of performance and compact design with the EZii Mini Kit, allowing you to enjoy your favorite concentrates on the go.

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How To Use:

  • Click 5 times to turn device on/off
  • Using the dab tool, scoop up a bit of concentrate and put it in the chamber
  • Gently close the glass top
  • Click 2 times to active the 10 second preheat function (2.0V)
  • Click 3 times to adjust the voltage setting 2.4V (blue) / 3.0V (green) / 3.6V (yellow) / 4.2V (red - full power)


  • Size: 11.2mm x 144.5mm
  • 0.4mL Ceramic Cup with Quartz Heating Element 
  • Preheat Function: 10 seconds
  • 380mAh Battery with 510 USB Charger
  • Concentrate Cartridge Supports Resistance 1.45Ω or Above


  • 1- DazzLeaf VV 510 Preheat Battery
  • 1- DazzLeaf EZii Mini Wax/Dab Tank 
  • 1- Dab Tool
  • 1- 510 USB Charger 



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Additional Info