Gummy Worms Water Pipe | Space King

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Gummy Worms Water Pipe | Space King

The Space King Gummy Worms Water Pipe is a remarkable fusion of artistry and functionality, redefining the smoking experience. With two vibrant gummy worms adorning the perc tube, it delivers a visually captivating and whimsical touch to each draw. The seamless integration of a matching gummy worm bowl completes the aesthetic ensemble.

Beyond its visual appeal, the water pipe ensures a smooth smoking experience, thanks to its thoughtfully designed perc tube. Packaged in a carefully curated gift box, the unveiling becomes a moment of anticipation and appreciation for the craftsmanship. In essence, the Space King Gummy Worms Water Pipe isn't just a smoking apparatus; it's a statement piece that celebrates creativity and individuality.


  • Length: 7"
  • Gummy Worm Themed Bong


  • 1- Gummy Worms Water Pipe
  • 1- Matching Gummy Worm 14mm Bowl
  • 1- Matching Color Gift Box
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Additional Info