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Snake Banger 14mm | Space King

Embrace the epitome of functional artistry with the 14mm Male Snake Banger by Space King—a meticulously crafted piece designed to revolutionize your dabbing endeavors. This banger isn't just a tool; it's an expression of creativity and ingenuity, meticulously designed to enhance every aspect of your dabbing experience.

At its core, the Snake Banger stands as a testament to Space King's unwavering commitment to excellence. Fashioned from premium borosilicate glass, the 14mm male joint guarantees a secure connection to your rig, facilitating seamless airflow that paves the way for flavorful vaporization.

Complementing the Snake Banger is the ingeniously designed Ball Cap. This accessory is a perfect match for the intricate structure of the banger, contributing to enhanced heat retention and even distribution. By capturing and controlling the heat, the Ball Cap ensures a controlled vaporization process, delivering a sensory-rich experience with each dab.

Accentuating your dabbing ritual are the two included Pearls. These unassuming yet pivotal components play the role of proficient heat spreaders, redistributing warmth within the banger for consistent vaporization. As you savor your dab, the Pearls elegantly glide, leaving no trace of concentrate behind and optimizing the efficiency of your sessions.


  • Terp Slurper Banger
  • 14mm Male
  • Smooth Hits
  • 90°


  • 1- 14mm Male Snake Banger
  • 1- Ball Carb Cap
  • 2- Terp Pearls
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Additional Info