Trippy Floral Double Glass Spoon Pipe

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Trippy Floral Double Glass Spoon Pipe 5"

The Trippy Floral Double Glass Spoon Pipe is a unique and stylish smoking accessory that is perfect for anyone looking for a smoking experience that is both trippy and visually appealing. Measuring 5 inches in length, this pipe is small enough to carry around in your pocket or bag, yet large enough to provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Crafted from durable glass, this hand pipe boasts an eye-catching design featuring trippy floral patterns set against a deep blue backdrop.

The spoon shape of the pipe makes it easy to load and clean, while the deep bowl allows you to pack a sufficient amount of your favorite herb. The glass material of the pipe ensures that the smoke stays cool and smooth, providing a pleasant and flavorful smoking experience.


  • Trippy Floral Design
  • Spoon Style Pipe
  • 5"
  • Handmade
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Additional Info