The Game Cherry Vanilla Wraps with Glass Tip | King Palm

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The Game Cherry Vanilla Wraps with Glass Tip | King Palm

Experience a luxurious smoking session with the King Palm The Game Cherry Vanilla Wraps. These premium wraps are crafted for the discerning smoker who values quality and flavor. Infused with the rich, tantalizing notes of cherry and vanilla, each puff delivers a smooth and aromatic experience. The glass tip not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures a cool and clean draw, enhancing the overall enjoyment.

Made from natural palm leaves, these wraps are free from harmful chemicals, making them a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco wraps. Each wrap is hand-rolled to perfection, ensuring a consistent and even burn. The glass tip is reusable, easy to clean, and provides an uninterrupted smoking experience without the harshness often associated with other materials.

Ideal for both casual and seasoned smokers, King Palm The Game Cherry Vanilla Wraps are perfect for those special occasions or simply when you want to indulge in a superior smoking session. The combination of natural ingredients and exquisite flavor makes these wraps a must-have in your smoking collection.


  • Infused with natural cherry and vanilla flavors
  • Reusable and easy-to-clean glass tip
  • Chemical-free and additive-free
  • Tip Material: Glass
  • Length: Standard 
  • Usage: Suitable for smoking herbs and tobacco


  • 5- King Palm Cherry Vanilla Wraps
  • 1- Glass Tip
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