Sugar Skull Refillable Lighter | Clipper

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Sugar Skull Refillable Lighter | Clipper

If you're a smoker looking for a dependable and fashionable lighter, then the Clipper Sugar Skull lighter is a must-have accessory. Its distinctive Sugar Skull design will undoubtedly make it a standout in any collection. You won't have to buy new lighters every time you run out of fuel because the Clipper lighter is refillable. Plus, with its removable flint system, replacing the flint when it wears out is a breeze. The Clipper Sugar Skull lighter is a versatile tool for any smoking situation, as it includes a built-in tamper and poker. Its sturdy build guarantees that it will last a long time, and its dependability makes it the go-to lighter for smokers of all experience levels.


  • Refillable Lighter
  • Removable Flint System
  • Built-in Tamper and Poker
  • Sugar Skull Design


  • 1- Clipper Sugar Skull Lighter
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