Stretched Bubbles Fumed Glass Abstract Fist Pipe

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Stretched Bubbles Fumed Glass Abstract Fist Pipe 4.5"

The pipe in question is a unique piece of smoking paraphernalia made from high-quality borosilicate glass, a type of glass known for its exceptional durability and resistance to thermal shock. This thick-walled pipe features a stunning silver fumed glass design, adorned with small, iridescent bubbles that stretch and dance across the surface of the glass. The careful craftsmanship of this pipe is immediately apparent in the delicate details and intricate design work that has gone into its creation.

The bowl of the pipe is particularly noteworthy, featuring a series of four finger-like ridges that create an abstract, yet strikingly familiar shape. This shape, reminiscent of a large, powerful fist, gives the pipe a sense of weight and strength that is both visually impressive and ergonomically comfortable to hold. 


  • 4.5" Long
  • Borosilicate Glass Pipe
  • Spoon Style Pipe
  • Fumed, Stretched Bubbles Design
  • Abstract Fist Bowl End


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Additional Info