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Spinner Kit "X" Quartz Banger with Carb Cap and 6mm Terp Pearls | aLeaf

Introducing the Spinner Kit "X" by aLeaf, a revolutionary accessory set designed to enhance your dabbing experience like never before. With its innovative features and premium materials, this kit is a must-have for any discerning dabber.

The Spinner Kit "X" offers four size options to cater to your specific needs: 14mm Male 45 degrees, 14mm Male 90 degrees, 18mm Male 45 degrees, and 18mm Male 90 degrees. No matter the size of your rig or personal preference, there's a perfect fit for you.

At the heart of the kit is the 25mm Flat Top Quartz Banger, meticulously crafted from high-quality quartz. This banger ensures optimal heat retention and distribution, allowing you to achieve consistent and flavorful dabs every time. Its flat top design provides a stable surface for the included carb cap and terp pearls.

Speaking of the carb cap, the Spinner Kit "X" comes with a Spinning Vortex Carb Cap. This ingenious cap is designed to create a swirling vortex of airflow within the banger, maximizing vaporization and delivering rich, flavorful hits. The spinning motion helps distribute heat evenly and encourages thorough vaporization of your concentrates.

To further enhance the dabbing experience, the kit includes two 6mm Terp Pearls. These tiny, heat-retaining pearls are placed in the banger and work in conjunction with the spinning motion to evenly distribute heat, ensuring efficient vaporization and preventing waste. The result is smooth, flavorful hits with optimal utilization of your concentrates.


  • 99.9% Quartz Banger
  • Larger Bottom for Larger Heating Surface 
  • Vortex Style Carb Cap


  • 1- 25mm Flat Top Quartz Banger
  • 1- Spinning Vortex Carb Cap
  • 2- 6mm Terp Pearls
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Additional Info