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HD Glass Solare Flare Pipe

The HD Glass Solar Flare hand pipe is truly an exquisite masterpiece that embodies the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Every detail of this stunning piece has been meticulously crafted by a local artist who poured their heart and soul into its creation. From the intricate horizontal pattern that mimics the mesmerizing colors of a solar flare, to the smooth and polished curves that fit perfectly in your hand, this pipe is a true work of art.

The choice of colors used in this piece is particularly striking, with its delicate blend of light peachy and pink hues interwoven with creamy undertones. This creates a subtle yet captivating effect that sets it apart from any other pipe on the market. The Solar Flare hand pipe is a prime example of the superb quality that HD Glass Pipes are renowned for. Made from the finest materials available, it boasts unrivaled durability and a long-lasting finish that will continue to impress for years to come.


  • 4 inches Long
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Spoon Shaped Pipe
  • Solar Flare Design


  • 1- HD Glass Solar Flare Hand Pipe


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