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Pure Stream Synthetic Fetish Urine 3oz | Neometrx

Pure Stream Synthetic Urine is a product developed by Neometrx that is designed to simulate human urine for various purposes. It is a laboratory-grade synthetic urine formula that has been carefully formulated to closely match the chemical properties of natural urine, making it virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. The product is primarily intended for use in calibration and testing of urine drug testing equipment, including urine drug test kits, urinalysis machines, and other medical devices. It can also be used for a variety of other purposes, including pranks, fetish activities, and as a substitute for natural urine when conducting scientific experiments. Pure Stream Synthetic Urine comes in a convenient and easy-to-use kit that includes a heat pad to ensure that the product maintains a natural body temperature. It also includes a temperature strip that allows you to monitor the temperature of the urine to ensure that it is within the acceptable range.

  • To use the Fetish Urine, begin by removing the foil seal and microwaving it for around 10 seconds until the temperature ranges between 94-100 degrees F. After microwaving, open the top of the container and shake its contents to ensure a consistent temperature throughout the entire bottle.
  • If the temperature is still not at the desired level, microwave it again for a few more seconds. If it remains too hot, unscrew the cap and let it cool down before checking the temperature again.
  • Once it reaches the desired temperature, attach the hand warmer to the bottle. If you choose to use only the hand warmer, it may take up to an hour to reach the correct temperature. The hand warmer will maintain the temperature at 94-100 degrees F for approximately six hours.
  • Before use, make sure to shake the bottle thoroughly. When everything is ready and the temperature is correct, simply remove the cap and pour the contents.


  • 3.5oz Synthetic Urine Bottle
  • Temperature Strip
  • Heat Pack 
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