NoGoo Goo Catcher | Silicone Reclaimer

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NoGoo Goo Catcher | Silicone Reclaimer

This silicone reclaimer is an amzing creation from GooCatcher. Made from platinum cured silicone, this is 100% non toxic and non stick silicone ash catcher and reclaimer is a multiple use piece. You can stick a bowl in it and use as ash catcher or stick a banger in and use it as an all in one reclaimer & stash jar. It features a dual 14mm & 19mm male joint to connect to your favorite bong, as well as a 14mm & 19mm female joint to accept your bangers and bowls. This is the perfect accessory between your herbs or waxes and your bong.


  • 14 & 19mm Joint Sizes
  • Platinum Cured Silicone
  • Catches Concentrates or Ash
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Additional Info