Lighter Fluid 4oz | Zippo

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Lighter Fluid 4oz | Zippo

Zippo lighter fluid is a high-quality, fast-evaporating fuel that is specifically designed for use in Zippo windproof lighters. This 4oz can of lighter fluid is made from a carefully selected blend of light hydrocarbons that burn cleanly and efficiently, producing a steady, reliable flame that can withstand wind and other adverse conditions. The Zippo lighter fluid is easy to use and comes in a convenient, spill-proof can that can be stored safely and securely. The fluid is low odor, making it ideal for use in enclosed spaces.

To use the Zippo lighter fluid, simply remove the lighter's insert and saturate the cotton wadding inside with the fluid. Wait a few moments for the wadding to absorb the fluid, then replace the insert and ignite the lighter. The fluid will provide a reliable flame that can be adjusted to your desired level of intensity.


  • 4 Ounce Can
  • Fast Evaporating
  • High Quality
  • Spill-Proof Can
  • Low Odor
  • Clean Burning


  • 1- Zippo Lighter Fluid 4 Ounce Can


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