ISO Basin Cleaning Solution Dispenser | The Depot

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ISO Basin Cleaning Solution Dispenser | The Depot

The ISO Basin Cleaning Solution Dispenser from The Depot is an essential component of any dab setup. Providing convenient access to a cleaning solution with its easy-to-use cotton swab dispensing method. This dispenser has a capacity of up to 7 ounces of cleaning solution and includes a hinged cap to reduce the risk of spillage or evaporation. The ISO Basin's pump is designed to be pressed down with ease, ensuring that your cotton swabs remain intact without bending or breaking. This is undoubtedly the most efficient method to maintain the cleanliness of your dabbing and pipe accessories, eliminating the need for cumbersome cleaning solution bottles. Never lose ISO to evaporation or spillage again. 

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  • 7oz of Solution Capacity
  • Easy to Use Pump Dispenser


  • 1- ISO Basin form The Depot
  • Cleaning Solution Not Included
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Additional Info