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Hohm School 4A Charger | Hohm Tech

The Hohm School 4A Charger by Hohm Tech is an advanced 4-channel USB charger designed to revolutionize how you charge lithium-ion batteries. Packed with innovative features like Battery Length Detection and Input Power Regulation, this charger ensures optimal performance, safety, and longevity for your batteries.

Key Features:

  • 4-Channel USB Charger: Simultaneously charges up to four lithium-ion batteries.
  • Battery Length Detection: Automatically adjusts charging power based on battery size, enhancing battery cycle life.
  • Auto Selected Charging Rates: 500mA (0.5A), 1000mA (1A), 2000mA (2A) per channel for optimized charging.
  • Input Power Regulator: Maximizes power adapter capabilities up to 2A while protecting USB ports and power supply.
  • Auto Cut-Off: Stops charging once batteries reach optimal 4.2V, preventing overcharging.
  • Low Voltage Activator: Stimulates charging for lithium-ion batteries with low-voltage status, extending battery life.
  • LED Charging Status Indicators: Provides clear visual indicators for each channel’s charging status.
  • Protection Features: Guards against short circuits, reverse polarity, overcharge, and incompatible battery chemistry types (non Li-ion).
  • Compatible with: Supports a wide range of Li-ion batteries up to 73mm in length, including popular sizes like 18650, 21700, and more.

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  • Input: DC 5V/4A, 2A, 1A (USB type C)
  • Output: Up to 4A total distribution; 22A, 41A
  • Dimensions: Compact and portable design
  • LED Indicators: Indicates charging status for each channel
  • Compatibility: Supports Li-ion batteries such as 10440, 18650, 21700, and more up to 73mm in length


  • 1 - Hohm Tech School 4 Battery Charger
  • 1 - HC USB-C Cable
  • 1 - User Manual with Warranty Information
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Additional Info