Fino Luxury 510 Battery Detachable Power Dock | CCELL

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Fino Luxury 510 Battery Detachable Power Dock | CCELL

EXCEPTIONAL PORTABILITY AND CONVENIENCE - Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with dead batteries and the constant need for cable charging. The Fino Luxury 510 Battery by CCELL features a Detachable Dock, a portable power bank armed with a robust 1000mAh battery. This allows the on-the-go battery to enjoy over 5 full charges! Simply attach your battery to the dock for rapid and efficient charging.

PRECISE POTENCY AND FLAVOR ADJUSTMENT - Experience ultimate control over your vaping experience with Finos' 8 variable voltage settings. Crafted with precision, these settings range from 2.2V to 3.6V in 0.2V increments. Easily select your desired setting by tapping or holding the voltage button, adjusting for more flavor or vapor as per your preference.

EFFORTLESS CLOG CLEARANCE FOR SMOOTH OPERATION - Engineered with a 10-second preheat function, the Fino Battery quickly warms up with a gentle tap of the preheat button. This feature efficiently clears any cartridge clogs, ensuring a consistently smooth and enjoyable cloud experience.

DISCREET DESIGN WITH MAXIMUM COMFORT - Enjoy maximum discretion with Finos' compact and thoughtful design. The battery, comparable in size to two AA batteries, effortlessly fits in your hand or pocket. Its metallic casing and rounded edges provide an ergonomic grip, ensuring complete user comfort and satisfaction.

INTUITIVE BATTERY LIFE AND VOLTAGE DISPLAY - Bid farewell to endless button taps and uncertainty. The Fino Luxury 510 Battery incorporates LED indicator lights directly onto its dock for easy viewing. Simply open or close the case to check your current voltage setting and battery level. Connect your Battery Dock and Case together before checking your settings for a seamless experience.


  • Detachable Power Dock
  • Discreet Mini Battery with Oil View Window
  • Battery Capacity: 190mAh (Battery) + 1000mAh (Dock)
  • 8 Voltage Settings (0.2V increments between 2.2V - 3.6V)
  • 10-Second Preheat 
  • Drop-in Magnetic Connection Compatible with 510 Thread Cartridges
  • Highly Intuitive LED Indicator Lights
  • Inhale Activated
  • USB-C Charging


  • 1- Mini Battery
  • 1- Battery Dock
  • 1- Battery Case
  • 2- Metal Adapters
  • 1- USB-C Cable
  • 1- User Manual
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Additional Info