ECF Electric Cone Filler Kit | Pulsar

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ECF Electric Cone Filler Kit | Pulsar

Introducing the state-of-the-art Pulsar ECF Kit, a seamless solution for your customers to transition effortlessly from grinding to filling without any mess!

Make cone-filling at events like festivals and parties a breeze with the Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler. Enclosed in its convenient travel case, this device includes all the essential accessories for grinding, packing, storing, and enjoying the results.

Powered by a compact yet powerful 350mAh battery, the ECF guarantees a finely shredded herb every time. Its uniquely designed funnel-shaped herb grinding chamber features a specialized tip for attaching pre-roll cones, enabling a direct transfer of ground herb onto paper. The kit includes a versatile metal tool for stirring, dislodging herb from the grinder, and compacting herb in cones before sealing.

This comprehensive kit features multiple storage tubes for filled or empty cones, along with a clear jar for on-the-go herb storage or as an additional grinding chamber. The cone stand accommodates up to 4 cones for loading or display purposes, while a cleaning brush ensures the grinder remains in pristine condition.


  • Electric herb grinder & cone filler kit
  • Funnel shaped herb chamber
  • Grind herb directly into pre-roll cones!
  • Fill cones quickly
  • Easy to use


  • 1- Cone Stand
  • 1- Stir Tool
  • 1- Cleaning Brush
  • 1- Micro USB Charge cord
  • 1-Travel Case
  • 1- Clear Storage Jar
  • 3- Cone Tubes
  • 1- Electric Grinder


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