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Hemper Chronic XL Bong

The XL Chronic bong is one of the best pieces yet to come from Hemper. This piece stands at 10” tall and features a double percolator designed to take you back to your childhood. The first percolator is a blue spikey ball design with directional holes that will give a spinning effect to the function. The second percolator is a spring shower head disc perc with over 70 holes total. The double percolation filters the smoke to give you the smoothest hits. This bong also features a gold ring splash guard and comes with a white and red themed flower bowl.


  • Height: 10" 
  • Width: 4.25" Base
  • Double Perolator
  • Blue Spiky Ball Perc
  • Spring Shower Head Perc (Over 70 Draining Holes)
  • Gold Ring Splash Guard


  • Hemper Chronic XL Bong
  • (1) 14mm Male Matching Chronic Bong Themed Herb Bowl
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Additional Info