Capuchin 100mm Grinder | Green Monkey

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Capuchin 100mm Grinder | Green Monkey

The Capuchin 100mm Grinder by Green Monkey mirrors the charm of Hollywood's favorite Capuchin monkeys, often seen in films and famously adopted by celebrities as controversial pets. This grinder, much like its namesake, embodies a timeless classic, celebrated for its reliability and no-nonsense functionality.

Featuring a magnetic lid, this 4-piece grinder houses razor-sharp teeth that expertly pulverize your herbs to achieve the perfect, light, and fluffy consistency. Within the storage chamber, a mesh sifting screen suspends the flower above the pollen collector. In the bottom chamber, you'll find a guitar pick-shaped scraper, highlighting the multifaceted talents of the Capuchin Grinder.


  • 100mm Grinder
  • 4-Piece Grinder
  • Fine Mesh Screen
  • Titanium Finish 
  • Made from Aluminum


  • 1-  Green Monkey 100mm Capuchin Grinder
  • 1- Scraper
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Additional Info