510 DL 3.0 Twist VV Discreet Cartridge Vape Pen | Pulsar

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510 DL 3.0 Twist VV Discreet Cartridge Vape Pen | Pulsar

This variable voltage vape features a sleek design that ensures convenient concealment during your travels. The Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 model combines the finest attributes of its predecessors, offering a slimmer profile than the 2.0 version, allowing for an enhanced grip. Additionally, its wider body accommodates a battery that delivers over twice the power of the original DL, guaranteeing more puffs between charges and an extended elevated experience.

With its auto-draw functionality, this vape replicates the sensation of using a traditional disposable vape, enabling you to take a toke without the need to press any buttons. Activating the device is as simple as performing a quick sequence of pulls. A newly introduced tactile twist dial grants you access to four distinct voltage settings, catering to your preferences, whether you seek intense flavors or voluminous clouds. Furthermore, this vape pen is equipped with a pre-heat function, allowing you to prepare thick oil cartridges before indulging in a hit. The LED light ring encircling the device's base indicates the power level, eliminating the need for a potentially revealing display.

Note: Maximum cartridge size is 2.4 inches length, 0.55 inches diameter (61mm x 14mm)


  • 650mAh Battery
  • Auto-draw Discreet Cartridge Vaporizer
  • 510 Threaded Connection
  • Four Voltage Settings (2.8V-4.0V)
  • Flex Temp Dial
  • Preheat Functionality
  • Sleek and Discreet
  • USB-C Charging


  • 1- Pulsar 510 DL 3.0 Battery


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Additional Info