510 Cartridge Magnetic Adapters 2-Pack | Cartisan

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510 Cartridge Magnetic Adapters 2-Pack | Cartisan

The 510 Cartridge Magnetic Adapters by Cartisan are a versatile and convenient solution for vaporizing your favorite oils and concentrates. These adapters are designed to be compatible with most 510-threaded batteries and cartridges, making it easy to switch between different cartridges and devices.The adapters are made of high-quality materials, including a strong magnetic connection and durable stainless steel construction. They are easy to attach and detach, and provide a secure and stable connection between your cartridge and battery.

Have you lost your magnet to your Cartisan Black Box Neo? How about that Vapmod Magic 710 Box Mod? Silo? This replacement adapter is perfect! Each pack contains one pair 1 Tall Adaptor designed for 0.5ml cartridges and 1 short adaptor for 1.0ml cartridges. Just screw on the correct sized adaptor to any 510 cartridge and enjoy!


  • 1 Tall Adapter: 0.5 mL cartridge
  • 1 Short Adapter: 1.0 mL cartridge
  • Fits any 510 Cartridge


  • 1- Tall Cartridge Adapter
  • 1- Short Cartridge Adapter


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