2-in-1 Liquid Purifier Pro Dab Straw & Pipe Combo | aLeaf

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2-in-1 Liquid Purifier Pro Dab Straw & Pipe Combo 6" | aLeaf

Introducing the revolutionary aLeaf 2-in-1 Liquid Purifier Pro Dab Straw & Pipe Combo, designed to deliver refreshing, icy-cold vapor hits regardless of your smoking preferences! This cutting-edge device features a borosilicate glass core infused with freezable glycerin, providing exceptional cooling capabilities. Effortlessly switch between a spoon style hand pipe and a dab straw using the convenient screw-on attachments included in every kit. For added convenience, each purchase comes with a stylish padded carry case, ensuring your attachments are organized and easily portable. Choose from a variety of vibrant color options to suit your personal style.

Please note: Place this item in the freezer without the tip attached for one hour before use. Do not remove the glycerin plug.


  • 6 Inches Long
  • Glass Dab Straw/Hand Pipe
  • Glycerin Filled Pipe Body
  • Screw-on Ceramic Dab Tip
  • Screw-on Glass Herb Bowl


  • 1- Liquid Purifier Pro Glycerin Filled Body
  • 1-Threaded Ceramic Dab Tip
  • 1- Threaded Glass Herb Bowl
  • 1- Padded Carrying Case


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Additional Info