Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape

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Lost Mary MO5000 Disposable Vape

The Lost Mary MO5000’s are the new, premium, rechargeable, and great-tasting disposables. These new disposables have a 13.5ml juice capacity or up to 5000 puffs. The Lost Mary MO5000 has a 1.2ohm coil, it is draw activated and has a 500mAh rechargeable battery. They come prefilled with 13.5mls of 5.0% or 50mg e-Liquid. The Lost Mary MO5000 disposable vape comes in many different amazing flavors with its advanced mesh coil.


  • Approx. 5000 Puffs
  • 13.5ml prefilled juice capacity
  • 5.0% or 50mg nicotine
  • Draw Activated
  • Type C Charging
  • Mesh Coil

Watermelon Ice Lost Mary combines a juicy watermelon with a cool mint.

Grape Jelly Lost Mary vape uses a sweetened grape jam flavor.

Pineapple Apple Pear Lost Mary is prefilled with a refreshing vape juice fruit blend of pineapple, apple, and pear flavors.

Mango Peach Watermelon Lost Mary merges a delicious mango and rip peach with a sweet and sour watermelon.

Energy Lost Mary MO5000 vape uses the familiar taste of a popular energy drink.

Lemon Sparkling Wine Lost Mary uses a mix of sweet and sour lemon flavors with an icy mint on the exhale.

Cherry Lemon Lost Mary vape adds a kick of sour lemon to a sweet cherry.

Blue Raspberry Lemon Lost Mary adds a tangy lemon zest to a sweet blueberry and raspberry flavor.

Mango Peach Lost Mary blends a sweet Alphonso mango flavor with a ripe peach.

Watermelon Cherry Lost Mary is a blast of watermelon and cherry flavors in every puff.

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Lost Mary vape uses a tropical blend of kiwi, passion fruit and guava flavorings.

Black Mint Lost Mary mixes an icy mint with a freshly picked blackberry flavor.

Citrus Sunrise Lost Mary stirs up a freshly squeezed orange flavor with other tropical fruit flavors.

Ginger Beer Lost Mary uses a lemon and ginger beer vape juice flavor that add a light ice on the exhale.

Yummy Lost Mary mixes sweet tropical fruit flavors into one fantastic vape.

Blue Trio Lost Mary is a delightful blend of blueberry, blackberry, and raspberries.

Guava Ice Lost Mary adds a refreshing mint to a smooth, fresh guava nectar flavor.

Miami Mint Lost Mary uses a refreshing mint and citrus blend.

Plum Rose Mint Lost Mary mixes a unique blend of berry, mint and floral flavors.

Tropical Fruit Lost Mary is packed with an assortment of juicy tropical fruit flavors.

Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary has a sweetened blend of raspberry and blueberry flavors with a strong, cooling mint.

Strawberry Ice Lost Mary mixes fresh summer strawberry with an icy mint.

Strawberry Watermelon Ice Lost Mary mixes a tasty duo of fresh strawberry and watermelon flavors with a dash of cool mint.

Triple Berry Ice Lost Mary merges blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry tastes with an icy mint.



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