GRAV Sip Series Slush Cup Bong

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GRAV Sip Series Slush Cup Bong

The GRAV Slush Cup Bong has made its return! The new and improved 14mm straw is thicker and sturdier than before, allowing for bigger rips and more durability. The straw is also angled to prevent splash back so you can have the water level to your preference. This piece is shape to fit palms, cup holders, and coasters, and it packs a lot of water filtration into a small bong. The Slush Cup comes ready to use with a GRAV 14mm Cup Bowl so you can sip away on your new bong!


  • Size: 4"
  • Joint: 14mm Dewer-seal
  • Use With: Flower
  • Includes: 14mm Cup Bowl
  • Designed By: Micah Evans


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Additional Info