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Drink Sample Pack | Top Flavors

This sample pack includes three 30mL bottles, one of each of our three best selling drink flavors:


No worries:

No Worries is a satisfying berry smoothie e-liquid. Berries of all varieties are collected in in this smooth celebration and livened up with just a tinge of the exotic.

Caribou Lou:

Caribou Lou E-Liquid by Jvapes is a delicious replica of the popular drink. Tangy pineapple and creamy coconut are subtly accentuated in our recipe for Caribou Lou E-Liquid.

Purple Sticky Punch:

We wanted a grape drink e-liquid as closely matched to our favorite artificially flavored grape drink as possible, and Purple Sticky Punch is it! Intense faux flavor tastes just like the grape drink that we know and love.

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