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Lookah Cleaning Brush 5-Pack

Lookah's 5-pack cleaning brushes are the perfect solution for keeping your glassware and smoking accessories clean and in pristine condition. Crafted with durable and flexible nylon bristles, these cleaning brushes can easily remove even the most stubborn grime and residue from your glassware, bowls, bongs, and pipes without causing any scratches or damage. They are also safe to use on delicate surfaces, ensuring that your expensive smoking accessories are always protected. Whether you are a casual smoker or a serious connoisseur, Lookah's 5-pack cleaning brushes are a must-have accessory that will keep your smoking gear clean and fresh, allowing you to enjoy your smoke sessions to the fullest. So, get your hands on these fantastic cleaning brushes today and experience the ultimate cleaning convenience!


  • Handle for Secure Grip
  • Small & Compact


  • 5- Lookah Cleaning Brushes
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