Bectar by Ooze | Silicone Bubbler & Dab Straw

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Bectar by Ooze | Silicone Bubbler & Dab Straw

The Bectar is a 2-in-1 made of silicone and glass that can be used as a bubbler and a dab straw. Open the flap and pack the bowl with flower, or close it & insert the titanium nail for dabs. This hybrid handheld device provides smooth water filtration to your smoke session, whether you're looking to rip a bowl of weed or take a dab or concentrates. Going back and forth is as simple as flipping the flap.

Fill the Bectar with water to the fill line, just above the percolator holes. To use the bubbler function, open the bowl flap and you'll see a small glass bowl to pack with flower. Light it and use the hole on the bottom as the choke.

For dabs, simply close the bowl flap and insert the titanium nail in the bottom choke hole. Heat the nail with a torch, and use the included Geode stash jar to dab out of.


  • Strong Borosilicate Glass Chamber
  • Flower Bowl
  • Titanium Nail
  • Geode Stash Jar
  • Bubbler Function
  • Nectar Collector Function
  • Heat Resistant Silicone
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