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Art X | Disposable Vape

The Art X is a smaller style disposable device but it is not small in puff count. The Art X comes with a 5000 puff count and a 700mAh rechargeable battery. The lanyard that comes with the Art X  is a big help when it comes to finding your disposable. Vaporlax made this disposable with a clear pod holding 9.3mL of e-liquid so it is very easy to tell when your vape has run out. The Art X comes with a variety of fruit flavors and desserts so we are sure you will find your next disposable here.

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  • Puffs per Device: 5000
  • E-liquid Contents: 9.3mL
  • Battery Size: 700mAh Rechargable
  • Nicotine Level: 50mg
  • Charging Type: Micro USB


Strawberry Cake: Sweet summer strawberries blended with rich & creamy vanilla flavor

Candy: Gummy bear sugar coated sweetness blended with delectable fruits

Marshmallow: A subtle yet sugary-sweet flavor, providing truly rich marshmallow taste

Mango: A sweet mouth watering mango disposable

Watermelon Ice: A fruity mixture of crisp watermelon and menthol

Banana Ice La La Land: Fruity Banana on the inhale and icy cool mint on the exhale

Blue Wine: Rich, deep notes of blueberry

Melon Bubble Gum: Fresh, ripe melon mixed with sugary bubble gum

Peach Ice XOXO: An icy blend of fresh & sweet peach flavor



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